Dissolve Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Addictions


Stress: We all must deal with some stress in our lives, especially in this very challenging world in which we live. However too much stress compromises our physical health and creates uncomfortable emotions and negative thoughts. Without nurturing ourselves or giving ourselves the positive support that we need, our stress will increase and cause us […] Read more »

Living Unconsciously


As a young child, we became even more unconscious when we attempted to protect ourselves from experiences that were beyond our capacity to fully feel, process, or integrate (for example, a frightening event or an angry parent). We emotionally and psychologically distanced ourselves from the situation by shifting the way we perceived it or repressing the situation and our reactions altogether. Read more »

Our Childhood Experiences


Our past experiences have helped to create both our healthy and unhealthy beliefs and behavior. Most of these learning experiences occurred in our childhood. Because of our tendency, in infancy, to perceive the world as “self”, the infant and small child may identify herself as the cause of a negative experience rather than its recipient. […] Read more »

Sitting With Feelings


Keep looking at the bandaged place….for that is where the light will enter! (by Rumi) When you find an uncomfortable feeling or emotion is arising within you, instead of distracting yourself with food, sugar, or some other addiction, you may want to try these suggestions (in our sessions, I will support you as you go […] Read more »

Uncomfortable Feelings


All feelings are meant to be felt: Even the uncomfortable ones. Feelings and emotions are like waves that naturally rise and fall as they move through us. This natural rising and falling, however, can be interrupted when we resist, suppress, or repress a feeling. The feeling, then, becomes frozen, where it remains locked in our […] Read more »