Dissolve Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Addictions


We all must deal with some stress in our lives, especially in this very challenging world in which we live. However too much stress compromises our physical health and creates uncomfortable emotions and negative thoughts. Without nurturing ourselves or giving ourselves the positive support that we need, our stress will increase and cause us to live in a perpetual state of anxiety or depression.

Dissolve Stress

In your therapy sessions you learn how to  dissolve stress on a very deep level. You will learn to tolerate and transform negative emotions. And you will discover and experience a profound calm, confidence, centered strength, and sense of well being that you can carry with you through each and every day.  


Stress can lead us to a state of anxiety. Whether our anxiety stems from current life challenges, recent or childhood trauma, repressed emotions, or problematic beliefs, it keeps us from moving forward and living the life we want and so deeply deserve. It puts a strain on our bodies and lowers our immune system. It can interrupt our sleep, prevent us from thinking clearly, and cause us to overreact to minor setbacks or challenges. It can disrupt our relationships and cause us to live in a state of subtle fear and confusion. Anxiety can also lead to depression.

Dissolve Anxiety

You will learn to dissolve and release anxiety through Mindfulness, Somatic therapy, Creative Visualization, or Mindfulness Meditation. These practices will also help you resolve current issues and assist you in living from your own inner calm, strength, and organic wisdom. These techniques will allow your unconscious mind to reveal exactly what needs and wants to be consciously met, seen through, and released or transformed. When your well-being and state of mind is not dependant on life’s events but rather upon your own connection to a deeper and more conscious awareness, you are truly free!  


Depression usually causes us to withdraw from the very things in our lives that could help us the most, like friends and social interaction, exercise, a healthy diet, and an interesting hobby. Our perception narrows and we are actually living in a trance where we can see only the negative things in our life. We are cut off from and oblivious to our own inner strengths and natural supportive resources. When we are depressed, our lives tend to follow a downward spiral that creates more depression.

Dissolve Depression

In your therapy sessions you will connect with a deeper part of you that has never been touched by depression. Accessing this inner positive and naturally wise resource will enable you to meet and work through painful emotions, see through and transform negative thinking, raise self-esteem, and successfully manage problematic life situations. You will again be able to experience a deep sense of well-being and appreciate and create positive experiences in your life!


Both anxiety and depression can create and sustain addictions and addictive behaviors. Whether our addictions include alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, TV, or shopping, they keep us from facing our underlying problems and emotions and prevent us from breaking free from a self-sabotaging cycle. We use these behaviors as ways to escape from the pain and discomfort we feel. Of course, no addiction ever gives us any more than very temporary relief. At best, our addictions will keep us from becoming our best selves, hinder our efforts to accomplish our goals, and prevent us from create a fulfilling life. At worst they will pull us deeper into anxiety and depression. 

Dissolve Addictions

Addictions are often ways of coping with unconscious inner pain and unmet needs, therefore, dissolving one’s addiction without simply switching to another addiction requires work on both conscious and unconscious levels. If one wishes to be truly free of an addiction, meeting and healing painful feelings and fulfilling unmet needs is a necessary step. As you access your unique inner resources, meet and reduce anxiety and depression,  and integrate conflicted parts of yourself, you are dissolving what, initially, created and, now, is maintaining the addiction. During this process you will learn how to identify what triggers the addictive behavior and replace it with healthy behavior. You will also learn to recognize negative self talk and sit with and transform uncomfortable feelings. I will also support you in living your life in a way that aligns with your goals and dreams. Because much of this work will take place in the unconscious mind as well as the conscious mind, the healing can be deep and you will have the opportunity truly dissolve the addiction! And in the process, you will be well on your way to living your life consciously!

If you are struggling with a “hard”addiction like alcohol or drugs, you may need to work with an alcohol or drug addiction specialist and/or a 12 step group. I will work with you and your specialist to support you in becoming addiction free.