anxiety and depression

Psychotherapy and Counseling for Health and Well Being


                                             Celeste Walker MA

                                 Professional Counselor intern

   Emergence – Addictions and Behavioral Health in Eugene, Oregon

Dissolve anxiety, depression, addictions,  & emotional pain

Safe, gentle, and intuitive, I  use a variety of techniques to assist my clients in:

1. Dissolving anxiety, emotional pain, and addictive behavior

2, Discovering a new freedom from the effects of negative past experiences and conditioning

3. Transforming present discomfort and confusion

4. Strengtening their own innate positive resources.

Isn’t it time to leave the old painful struggle behind and step into your full potential? Transform negative emotions without repressing or denying them. Abandon self-defeating habits. Heal and integrate self-sabotaging parts of yourself.

It’s time to live your life more consciously!

Through mindfulness, guided visualization, and other therapuetic approaches you will meet and transform  unconscious blocks, emotions, and beliefs that have hidden your own natural joy, strength, and freedom that is your own deeper self.

In your therapy sessions you will learn how to:

  •  Successfully manage stress and anxiety

  • Transform negative emotions without repressing or denying them

  • Abandon self-defeating habits

  • Heal and integrate self-sabotaging parts of yourself

  • Discover your own innate positive resources.

  • Live your life more consciously

  • Deepen your connection with your own innate wisdom.

    Celeste’s therapeutic style is eclectic and draws from

     holistic and conventional psychotherapies:



                                            Somatic therapy

                                            Guided Visualization

                                            Humanistic therapy

                                            Mindfulness Meditation


                                            Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


 I would be honored to walk a few steps with you on your journey to

 living your life consciously!