Guided/Creative Visualization

Visualization can be a very powerful therapeutic technique in a variety of ways. 1. Visualization is best done when the body and mind are relaxed and awareness rests in the present moment. In this state of present moment awareness, the conscious analytical mind naturally quiets and opens to our deeper inner experience. It is the […] Read more »



Why Mindfulness? Because modern life has become so fast paced, our minds tend to race though our present experience only taking in a small portion of that experience and we rush on to the next moment. Most of the time, our attention is focused on the future or remembering the past. Not only are we […] Read more »

Deep Mindfulness and Mindful Self-Reflection

Mindfulness meditation

Deep Mindfulness (DM) differs from the Mindful Self-Reflection (MSR) practices found in most mindfulness-based therapies (Welwood, 2000). In contrast to most mindfulness practices, DM allows thoughts and felt meanings to arise without reacting to, studying, following, or interpreting them. Additionally, instead of attempting to unfold felt meaning, in DM practice, attention constantly returns to the […] Read more »

Living Consciously is:

mountain pic

Living Consciously is:   Being aware of and connecting to our own inner resources, strengths, and wisdom;   Noticing how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are shaping our experience;   Exploring the possibilities of growth and change;   Leaving unwanted habits and self-sabotaging behavior behind;   Discovering the power, peace, and creativity of the present moment; […] Read more »

Dissolve Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Addictions


Stress: We all must deal with some stress in our lives, especially in this very challenging world in which we live. However too much stress compromises our physical health and creates uncomfortable emotions and negative thoughts. Without nurturing ourselves or giving ourselves the positive support that we need, our stress will increase and cause us […] Read more »