Holistic Psychotherapy

The Benefits of Meditation

Holistic Psychotherapy

In addition to using aspects of Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic Therapies, I use several modalities found in Holistic Psychotherapy for deeper healing and transformation.

Somatic Therapy

brings conscious awareness and release to the physical sensations, thoughts, and feelings that have become trapped and frozen in our bodies. These old repressed thoughts and emotions secretly affect us, cause anxiety and depression, and block our health, happiness, and the full expression of our potential.


is focused conscious awareness of our inner and outer experience, with acceptance and without judging or trying to change it. Mindfulness is a first step in all deep healing and transformation.

Guided/Creative Visualization

is a traditional mind-body technique that connects the visual brain and the involuntary nervous system and allows access to the unconscious mind. It can be used to enhance psychological, emotional, and physical healing.

Breathing techniques

Gentle breathing techniques relieve stress and anxiety, promote psychological healing and emotional release, bring conscious awareness to the body, and access the unconscious.

 Mindfulness Meditation

is a deeper state of mindfulness that allows us to experience and rest in the silent ground of being from which all experience arises. In this place the awareness/existance of all problems dissolve and one can begin to embody freedom and wholeness as the underlying reality of all experience.